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Current Portfolio Stance* This is a pure-play financial sector portfolio that invests across the Banking & Financial Services sector including stock & commodity exchanges, rating agencies, lenders in all formats, brokerages & other capital market intermediaries, insurers, companies in the Fintech ecosystem that operate in different subsegments, including
Payments, Lending, Wealth Technology (WealthTech), Personal Finance Management, Insurance Technology (InsureTech), Regulation Technology (RegTech) or any other sub-category of companies that may be listed in the future within the BFSI sector.
The portfolio comprises diversified businesses across sectors that have delivered sustainable growth over long periods with strong moats in their businesses. This is our latest pure-play financial services portfolio predominantly comprising stocks categorized as Small & Mid Cap~.

Many of the smaller businesses have transformed themselves over the past 5 years by raising abundant equity capital from marquee private and public markets investors, significantly improving their governance standards, by strengthening their management teams and upgrading their credit profiles.

These factors will help them scale up in a more sustainable manner as compared to the past and would benefit from the resultant operating leverage. They will also benefit immensely from the growth enabled by the India Stack.
Market Capitalisation Bias Multi-Cap Multi-Cap Small & Mid Cap
Benchmark Index Nifty 50 TRI Nifty 50 TRI Nifty 50 TRI
Date of Inception 17 February 2016 11 May 2020 01 March 2023
Performance (as of 31 Dec 2023)
  Investment Approach Benchmark Index Nifty 50 TRI
1 Year 17.2% 21.3%
3 Years 13.3% 17.3%
  Investment Approach Benchmark Index Nifty 50 TRI
1 Year 33.7% 21.3%
3 Years 18.3% 17.3%
  Investment Approach Benchmark Index Nifty 50 TRI
Since Inception 36.4% 26.8%

~Source for market cap categorization: AMFI categorisation based on the average market capitalization during the 6 months ended 30 June 2023. Performance is calculated net of expenses on a consolidated client basis using TWRR methodology and annualized for periods > 1 year. Performance-related information provided above is not verified by SEBI. For a comparison of the performance of all Portfolio Managers, please visit

* The Portfolio Manager reserves the right to modify the current portfolio stance if, in his opinion, the market conditions/outlook require such modifications to enable the portfolio to achieve its stated investment objective/s.

Clients have the option of investing directly (without the intermediation of persons engaged in distribution services) in the strategies offered by Trivantage Capital. To know more, please write to